Basically, Silat s main philosophy is how to “ Survive In Life from Any Threat ”. This is originated from the philosophy in traditional Sila...

Silats Philosophy

Basically, Silats main philosophy is how to “Survive In Life from Any Threat”. This is originated from the philosophy in traditional Silat that the word Silat is all about protecting our life at all costs and doing whatever is necessary to survive. But sometimes it doesn’t necessarily need to be full of kicking ass –either punches or kicks, let alone a knife or even a gun. With hospitality -a warm and friendly smile, everything will be okay.

The word "Silat" is a bit of a sensitive topic in Indonesia. Some of them who proclaim themselves the most legitimate of using Silat attributes might not have the exact belief mentioned above. Briola –a martial arts community that includes many styles both Indonesian traditional and foreign, aims to be a place where there are no conflict between these styles, and is willing to accept all those differences, for there is beauty and strength in diversity. The community routinely holds meetings and martial arts workshops. And the upcoming one that is scheduled in March will be the third.

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