Adam West , bintang acara TV " Batman " yang populer di tahun 1960-an, telah meninggal Jumat malam 9 Juni lalu setelah berjuang me...

Jebakan Batman

Adam West, bintang acara TV "Batman" yang populer di tahun 1960-an, telah meninggal Jumat malam 9 Juni lalu setelah berjuang melawan penyakit leukemia. West meninggal di usia 88 tahun.
Banyak kenangan masa kecil saat menonton film Batman di teve yang waktu itu masih hitam putih (ups…ketahuan tua). Semoga semua amal ibadahnya diterima Tuhan YME.

Jadi ingat pernah posting ini beberapa bulan lalu di facebook.

A friend asked me what “jebakan batman” means. Frankly, I have no idea either. Even I wonder, why would someone accuse Batman of setting such trap. The Batman I know –though he does not pray routinely, he does help the police and others in need. Why would anyone see him as someone who would do such a thing? Why not call it the Joker's trap, who in reality is more of a pain in the ass. This is a defamation towards Batman. Penistaan batman. It's such a shame.

What actually is “jebakan betmen”? According to our trusted sifu Google, Jebakan Batman (a.k.a jebmen, a.k.a batman's trap) is where we unluckily find ourselves trapped in a condition we cannot escape from –which couldn't have happened if we were more careful. It usually happens in today's business where people are smarter, yet meaner. Jebakan Batman is also associated with a link that is made specifically to trap a visitor, luring them to see various promotions, affiliations, cheats for game, BB, etc., and/or inappropriate sites.

Reputedly, it started from Batcave –a cave Bruce Wayne goes in and out from by his Batmobile. As a defense system from his enemies, Batman purposely set up a few traps as distraction. Jebakan Betmen –Indonesian slang, means literally 'Batman's trap' or 'Badman's trap' which means a planned prank.


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